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Phil Ortiz

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


When it comes to passion and desire to create, Phil has what one may call an obsession. While working at Zazu Salons he picked up an interest in photography in 2017 for the first time after seeing the photos he received from his proposal to his wife. Without knowing what would come from it, he added it to his collection of interests and hobbies, however never thought to pursue using that Canon Rebel to pave the path into what would become his career. "Once I bought my camera, I took a couple photos with it on a family trip I went on, and didnt touch it for about a month" Phil says. "It wasnt until I took one good photo of my dog, that I jumped head first down this rabbit hole with a goal to perfect this art!"

“I jumped head first down this rabbit hole with a goal to perfect this art!" - Phil Ortiz

With wanting to re-create the quality of image, Phil started diving deep in to educating himself on good behaviors and best practices when using his camera. He turned to seasoned photographers to ask questions, watch, learn, and replicate.

Zazu Media

Phil approached Anthony Segretto (CEO Zazu salons) in 2017 with a task to try something new. He asked to film a video for the company showing off the space, atmosphere and services The Zazu Exchnage has to offer. Without question, Anthony agreed with mention that if it came out good, they could create more content. From here Phil began to manage the content on all Zazu social media platforms while also developing their websites.

Fast Forward to 2019 and we have the Birth of Zazu Media. Phil had created multiple videos for all five locations, each video a dramatic increase in production value. He also began developing behind the scenes films for The Zazu Salon Artistic Team and Chicago Style weddings, outside of the company he took interest in wedding photography/Videography, Filming music Videos, and short film projects.

Zazu Media came to light with a simple converastion between the Anthony and Phil. We offer Bridal Services for hair, why doesnt Zazu become all inclusive. After long conversations, planning, and bringing ideas to the drawing board. The vision for Zazu Media was simple. Weddings are the main focus, however Zazu Media is not limited to just weddings. Zazu Media is dedicated to creating and developing photography and videography projects for all (personal, commercial, music videos, real estate ect).

" We have a small team right now but an effective team that is backed by more that 200 employees and 40 years of of business and development. With that, we have our eyes set on the bigger picture, and cant wait to see what this new venture brings us in the years to come" - Phil Ortiz

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